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Honor a life well lived with a memorial tribute that is as unique and special as your loved one.

Don't they deserve more than the formulaic "one-size-fits-all" themes offered by most mortuaries?

"Camilla captured the hearts of all who knew and loved her. So does this wonderful Platinum Tribute"




PLATINUM TRIBUTES™ are of a quality comparable to those featured on major awards shows. 

"After Michael's long illness and subsequent transition at forty-nine years of age, it was difficult to focus clearly on the many positive experiences we shared in our personal and professional lives together. This beautiful Platinum Tribute, brought back the memories of the many wonderful times we shared together, and with families and friends. This is just a brief sample of the gorgeous ten minute Platinum Tribute produced by John Lugar Productions. I know my Michael is most honored. so am I."

Buzz Steussy

former life partneR

Palm Springs